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District Lending Process Overview

  • Start
  • Pre-Approval
  • Offers
  • Lock rate
  • Close


You decide to buy a new home!

You fill out Our online loan application and connect with one of our Client Advisors, who will:

  • Learn More about what your goals are and answer any questions you have
  • Structure your loan to your liking and give you different options to choose from
  • Will be able to provide insights into current market and strategies to help you win
  • Provide you with a secure online portal to gather documentation needed for pre-approval

Step 2

Get Pre-Approved

We will review your loan application and supporting documentation, in order to:

  • Make sure you are 100% qualified​ with no outstanding issues, to avoid any surprises once you are in contract
  • Issue a pre-approval letter
  • Provide cash to close, rate and payment information to make sure you're good with everything

Step 3

Make Offers

You’ll shop for homes with your Real Estate Agent, who will help you:

  • Locate the best home for you. Negotiate on your behalf the best deal possible
  • Get you under contract on the terms you want
  • Schedule inspection, coordinate earnest money deposit, coordinate with lender on new contract

Step 4

Lock in your interest rate

Your Real Estate Agent sends us your ratified purchase contract and we:

  • Update your loan to match the purchase contract
  • Shop multiple lenders for best rate and costs. Lock your loan in to avoid rates increasing
  • Coordinate Appraisal
  • Email your disclosures at agreed upon rate & cost

Step 5

Close On Your Home

As soon as your disclosures are signed, you’ll be introduced to your Closing Processor, who will:

  • Submit loan for approval with underwriting
  • Once approved we will walk you through any loan conditions/documentation required
  • Once the loan is clear to close we will coordinate closing with you and notary.
  • Make sure your loan funds on time!
Congratulations! You are a brand new homeowner.
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